Kevin Rize instructs Human Factors Research Group (Formally PPCT Management Systems Inc.)
    seminars to law enforcement officers, correction officers and civilians.  

    Kevin Rize retired after a 29 year career with the Canton Police Dept., Canton MI, in Nov. 2013.   
    Kevin has been involved with PPCT Management Systems since 1989.  In 1990,
    Kevin became a certified PPCT Instructor/Trainer. Since 1990, Kevin has certified
    over 2,000 instructors in the PPCT programs.  In 2006, he passed an intensive
    training program To become a PPCT Associate Staff Instructor (ASI), one of
    sixteen in the organization.  Both civil and criminal courts have recognized him as
    an expert in lethal and non-lethal force.  Kevin has taught students from the FBI,
    Border Patrol, ATF, Air Marshals, Military and Flight Attendants after 9/11.  He has
    taught PPCT courses throughout the United States and has traveled overseas To
    teach in Saudi Arabia and England on several occasions. He also teaches at
    several colleges in the State of Michigan.  As a police officer, Kevin has been
    assigned To road patrol and is considered lead instructor in subject control,
    firearms, Taser, chemical agents, driving and PIT.  He is on the rapid response
    team and bike unit.  Kevin has developed training programs and manuals for in-
    house training at his department.    

    Canton Police Officer since 1985 (retired 11-2013)
    PPCT Associate Staff Instructor
    Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT)
    Rapid Response Unit
    Criminal Justice Degree
    School Safety & Healthy Children Instructor/Trainer
    PPCT Pressure Point Instructor
    PPCT Impact Weapon Instructor
    PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Instructor/Trainer
    PPCT Spontaneous Knife Instructor
    PPCT Spontaneous Knife insructor/Trainer
    PPCT Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention (SHARP) Instructor/Trainer
    PPCT Violent Student Management Instructor/Trainer
    PPCT Violent Patient Management Instructor/Trainer
    PPCT Dynamic Firearms Simulation Instructor/Trainer
    Basic Firearms Instructor
    Semi-automatic Instructor
    FBI Firearms Instructor Transition Training
    Simunitions (SIMS) Instructor
    Driving Instructor
    Felony Stop Instructor
    Developing use of force policy and report writing seminar
    Expert witness testimony

    If you have any questions or comments please contact Kevin Rize