Internationally recognized authority on researched based use of force and tactical training for
    criminal justice agencies and the private sector.

    PPCT Management Systems is the first subject control system to develop tactical, legal and medical
    research on which the foundation of the program is based.  PPCT Management Systems are quick
    and simple to learn.  They are easy to retain, while reducing the potential for injuries during
    training and actual application in the field.  Through it's methodology of training; PPCT Systems is
    reliable and court defensible system.

    PPCT Systems tactical research provides a foundation for controlling the most common types of
    resistance an officer will face in the field.  PPCT keeps the techniques simple for the officer and
    retainable without long hours of practice.

    The legal research that PPCT Management Systems has done is second to none. This research
    makes PPCT Systems one of the most court defensible subject control programs available to the
    law enforcement community.  The program standards have their bases in Federal and Supreme
    Court decisions.  The PPCT resistance control continuum is a model that gives the officer
    understanding of the appropriate use of force to control resistive behavior.

    PPCT medical research is the most unique aspect of the system.  To date there have been six
    medical studies done on the PPCT subject control systems.  This research has been used to
    defend law enforcement officers and their agencies in court.

    PPCT has become one of the largest uses of force training organizations in the world, training over
    25,000 instructors since 1990.  Also, an estimated 40,000 instructors have been trained since
    1980 throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong,
    and Australia.

    For more information on PPCT visit www.ppct.us