Enhancing the safety, health and education of our children is one of the primary missions of our
    educational system.  Federal, State and Local governments have injected billions of dollars toward
    this mission, resulting in unequaled success.  But, as with any profession in a dynamic
    environment, maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the schools requires constant

    The School Safety and Healthy Children course is a research based training system designed to
    supplement existing polices.  The course was developed by international school-safety expert, Mike
    Dorn, with the assistance of Col. Dave Grossman (one of the top authority on school shootings)
    and Bruce Siddle (a pioneer in survival physiology and critical event decision making).

    This system is designed to enhance the ability of the educational employee to spot and address a
    wide range of risks from taunting to terrorism, using the “all hazards” approach as recommended
    by the United States Dept. of Education.


    The School Safety and Healthy Children course is structured to be flexible and provide school
    administrators on demand implementation utilizing their own instructors, in lieu of high priced
    consultants.  This is accomplished through a Modular Training System and through the Human
    Factors Research Group (HFRG) Instructor certification program.

    Modular Training Systems recognizes the time limitations for in-service sessions.   Thus, each
    chapter of the course is based upon a series of training modules that can be delivered in 20 to 60
    minutes of in-service sessions for teachers, parents and students.

    Instructor certification is based upon modules developed by the HFRG experience in training over
    50, 000 criminal justice and military instructors over a period of 28 years.  This process has been
    used for training 70,000 TSA federal passenger and baggage screeners, Federal Air Marshals and
    Delta Air Lines flight attendants to meet federal guidelines for terrorist threats in air security.

    The Instructor certification allows participants to immediately train and certify students without
    additional expense to  school systems, beyond the course materials.  This methodology reduces
    the need for high priced consultants, gives the school system the maximum flexibility in training as
    many instructors as needed for a school district and ultimately gives an administrator the ability to
    implement the
    training “on demand”.